Terms of Engagement

It is proven that good nutrition supports the body’s natural defences and resistance. Naturopathic nutritional advice will be tailored on a case-by-case basis to support medically diagnosed conditions and/or health concerns. However, no guaranteed outcomes can be promised, nor claims made about the efficacy of any naturopathic nutritional advice.
My naturopathic nutritional practise is an advisory role. In this role I am unable to diagnose or treat medical conditions. If a condition is suspected you will be asked to liaise with your registered healthcare professional to manage this further. This service is a not to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment. It is important that if asked, you seek further medical attention.

Please advise your GP (or any other complementary practitioners you are consulting) of the naturopathic nutrition protocol you will be following.
Please disclose any medical diagnosis you have received. It is also important to provide a list of all prescription medication, herbal medicine or food supplements or over the counter medications. Failure to do so may affect the safety and efficacy of the naturopathic nutritional protocol provided. It is also essential that all allergens are disclosed to ensure safe advice is given.

If there are any queries over any part of your plan please contact myself for clarification. 
A duration of treatment will be identified in your naturopathic nutritional programme. To avoid adverse effects please seek further advise before continuing outside of the recommended time frame. 



Privacy Policy 

All records are kept in compliance with GDPR regulations using the NutriAdmin software. Clients will have access to records via the client portal.

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