Tracking your day

Have you ever wondered if tracking your activity, energy intake, energy expenditure and water intake is right for you? Many people believe tracking apps help them achieve their goals and recognise small wins; others find them frustrating and disappointing.

After a busy clinical day my tracking app is often quite disheartening; I’ve not moved enough or drank enough water, and my tracker is a big fat reminder that I’ve neglected myself through the day.

It’s natural to feel that your day has been stolen or wasted because you didn’t hit your target.

However, on the days I do achieve my targets I find my tracking app motivating and encouraging! I enjoy flicking through my stats and feel I have achieved something a little extra through my day. Many studies have shown that tracking apps do aid weight loss and improve fitness.

 Pros to tracking

  • Motivation and achievement
  • Achieve exercise goals
  • Monitor calorie deficit
  • Create a community to exercise with

Cons to tracking

  • Can be disheartening
  • Can be inaccurate
  • Can forget to track
  • May not suit all personalities 

The bottom line is that tracking is all about balance - not everyone can reach their fitness targets every single day. If there is a tendency for you to obsess or become upset about an off day, then tracking might not be for you! On the other hand, if you are working towards a goal in a particular timeframe, they can help you achieve your objectives.